How do I update my new expiration date (new authorization code) within SearchMaster?

Our website, and the SearchMaster software you have installed are not connected yet, and therefore do not communicate with each other. That ability is coming soon, but until then it is necessary for us to manually tell your software what your expiration date is with a special authorization code. Please follow the instructions below, after which I will send you an authorization code. Once you enter the authorization code your software will resume working as normal with your correct expiration date as shown in your Account Dashboard on our website.

  • Open SearchMaster

  • If the registration box pops up right in the middle of your screen, follow those directions; if not, press Control+F8 on your keyboard to bring up the registration box, then follow the instructions shown on the screen

  • When composing the email to us, please address the email to instead of so that your message gets routed properly
    • If a box pops up that asks, "Renew Now," "Renew Later," or "Register," click "Register" and follow the instructions from there

Again, once we receive that email from you we will reply with an authorization code that you will need to enter into the software.