Problem opening help (tutor) files (PDF and otherwise) within SearchMaster

There are 2 possible scenarios that would prevent the SearchMaster program from opening a help file (PDF, video or otherwise) after clicking on the question mark icon or help file link; either the file itself is missing or the computer has no default viewer program specified for that type of file. This may be your problem if you click on any "question mark" icon within SearchMaster and a help file (PDF, video file, etc.) fails to open.

All the help files for SearchMaster are located in the C:\SrchMast\Tutor folder – so if you open that folder and do not see the video or PDF file inside it that you expect to open, that is the problem. If the file (or other files for that matter) are missing, the easiest way to replace them is to simply reinstall SearchMaster itself. You can do that by visiting the Download SearchMaster page on our website and following the instructions from there.

If the file IS inside the folder already, the likely problem is that the computer in question has no default file viewer specified. Besides having a PDF viewer program or compatible video player installed on the system (there are many free choices out there, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, FoxIt Reader for PDF files or VLC Player for videos, etc.) Windows must also be told which of those programs to use. If you already have a viewer program installed for these file types, you just need to specify that Windows use that program each time a file tries to open. Sometimes that is as simple as opening the program itself, after which it may prompt you to use it as the default viewer. If that doesn’t work, the website link below will instruct you on how to specify the program inside Windows itself.

The link above is for Windows Vista and 7, but the process is remarkably similar for all versions of Windows of XP and higher. Obviously, if that doesn’t work or if the problem persists, we would be happy to take a look at it personally. Just let us know and we can schedule a remote session!