While there are many reasons that SearchMaster has been around all these years, is installed on the computers of reporting professionals in all 50 states and in 16 countries, and is referred to as “The Time Machine for Reporting Professionals,” you are strongly encouraged to read the testimonials below to discover what actual end users have to say about their experiences with SearchMaster. NEVER trust a salesman! ALWAYS ask the consumers of a product about their experiences with that product before parting with a dime of your hard-earned money.


"SearchMaster saves me far more time than I ever thought possible!"

Laurel Eiler
Brentwood, Tennessee


“I cannot say enough about the magic that SearchMaster performs. I love my SearchMaster!”

Cecilia Vohl
Reno, Nevada


“SearchMaster is my first go-to place for most anything I am questioning the spelling of. SM makes it so easy to find what I am looking for. And when I do find it, it's so easy to click on the word and paste it right into my CAT file. Love, love, love my SearchMaster.

Susan Alldridge
Morgantown, West Virginia


“You and SearchMaster have saved me hours of searching the Internet to try to find what I’m looking for. I can always go to SearchMaster and find what I need. You rock!”

Karen Hand
Ballston Spa, New York


“Thank you so much for adding that Career Index feature. I do a LOT of daily copy and need to be able to find names/terms we've used in other cases very quickly. It's a great new feature. Thanks so much for making my life easier.”

Judy Rakocinski
Bonita Springs, Florida


“I'd recommend SearchMaster not only to court reporters and scopists, but also to anyone who uses words for a living (writer, editor, etc.) and cares about accuracy. After being in this business for 9 years now, it's my best and most reliable resource.”

Peggy Linhorst
Hillsboro, Missouri


“Do what I did. Get your hands on SearchMaster NOW!”

Mark Kislingbury
Houston, Texas


“I don't know which program I use more on my computer – my CAT software or SearchMaster. SearchMaster is worth its weight in gold.”

Dennis Dinkel
Washington, DC


“SearchMaster was the best investment I ever made!”

Helayne Wills
Margate, Florida


“I received some PDFs last night from the reporter for the upcoming daily trial. I created a combined SM index and a PDF of it to return to my client.  I was able to do all of that in less than 5 minutes, thanks to SearchMaster.”

Cheri Allan
Savage, Minnesota


"I am VERY impressed with your program. You did bang-up job!”

Keith Lemons
Brentwood, Tennessee


"SearchMaster is absolutely terrific. Jim, you've done it again. Not only are the new transcript database, indexing, and saving text from the Internet features wonderful additions, but the bonus SearchMaster movie tutorials are like adding "Power Steering." The best just got better!"

Wil Wilcox
Fair Oaks Ranch, California


"The incomparable SearchMaster is a lightning-quick research and transcript-management tool that saves vast amounts of time for court reporting professionals. A fine addition to any reporter's, scopist's or proofreader's toolbox."

Lynn Brooks
Brooks on Books in the JCR


“Love, love the new PDF indexing. Thank you for all the hard work in bringing this about!”

Lorna Tyndall
Burbank, California


"SearchMaster is unadulterated magic! Click! There it is! How I ever got along without it, I'll never know. I'll be renewing my membership *every* year. Count on it."

Brenda Hollister
Salem, Oregon


"Jim, this is excellent research material. I've researched research material (hmmm, that sounds strange <G>) and have never come across anything else so comprehensive. I think it's a must for everyone, including non-reporter-type folks. Keep up the great work."

Anita Paul Johnston
Las Vegas, Nevada


"Jim, I was so excited when I first saw your SearchMaster, and I told everyone about it. Now being able to put our jobs in ASCII format and save them for research is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't see how anyone can live without it."

Patricia Weiner
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"What a fantastic, wonderful, exhilarating, refreshing, spectacular, terrific, dynamic thing you have done in creating SearchMaster! I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you have put into this."

Bonnie Horton


"Shazam! Alacazam! Open Sesame! I suppose it is technology, not really magic, but you'll have a hard time convincing me that SearchMaster isn't the most magical tool I've ever laid my hands on in practicing the art of court reporting for nearly 20 years. In the blink of an eye, you take a magic carpet ride DIRECTLY to what you need. Technology? Perhaps, but you'll never convince me it's anything other than magic."

Denise Mitzi Drill
Mankato, Minnesota


"For the first time, after $46,000 in computers over my checkered career, I feel like the computer is DOING SOMETHING TO HELP M-E!"

Vicki Surber
Stuart, Florida


"SearchMaster is THE biggest time-saving tool I have ever used. It gets bigger and better every few months - and my reference books have accumulated much dust on 'em I can write my name in the fur with my finger - Ya gotta get this thing! You'll be hooked forever - and you'll have to join SearchMaster's Anonymous, along with the rest of us lifers. <GGG>"

Deanna Dean
Bedford, New Hampshire


"Another salute to SM, the research department that never sleeps!"

Jim Hobby
Lewisburg, Tennessee


"Every time I use SearchMaster I am more and more amazed at what it can do! Anyone who doesn’t have SearchMaster is really missing out on a fantastic program."

Karen Vanderpool
McLean, Virginia


"It is so much FUN and so damn easy and quick looking up this, that and the other thing with SM. Love it! Best money I've spent in AGES."

Marge Tielhaber
Fort Lee, New Jersey


"SearchMaster is fantastic!"

Donna Kanabay-Harvey


"I am absolutely blown away by this product. It's a must for every court reporter, scopist, and proofreader." 

Cathleen Marquardt
LaFayette, Louisiana


"You have made my life so much easier and I can turn around more work since I don't have to take the extra time to do research. Thank you, thank you, thank you. SearchMaster is the ultimate time-saver."

Diane S. Long
Aurora, Colorado


"This program is a PHENOM!!!"

Tamara Jenkins
Pompano Beach, Florida


"SearchMaster is amazing!"

Cynthia Tanner
Fenton, Missouri


"Every time I use SearchMaster, it still amazes me. What a great program!! Thanks again."

Carol Arlotta
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I use SearchMaster ALL the time. I haven't had to look in my extensive library of medical books in ages."

LaVonne Cleeton
Nashville, Tennessee