Tech Webinars by SearchMaster


All of our webinars are presented as high-quality recordings from the start. Our approach is what we call "focused learning" where we take a larger topic, for example "Windows 10" and then break it down into bite-sized pieces (roughly 1 hour webinars) that are easier to understand than if you were to try and tackle the entire topic at once. This also allows you to tightly control exactly what you want to spend your money & time on learning. You only register for your webinar once, and after that you can watch it as many times as you want. We've even designed our webinars and video player to handle chapters and bookmarks, so you'll have an easy time finding where you left off or seeking to the exact tip or moment you want.

Another unique facet to our webinars is that you can submit questions to us after viewing, and when we have enough we will post a quick follow-up webinar with the answers - at no extra charge! These follow-up webinars will then be updated as time goes on to include or refine points that our viewers have submitted along the way - making the webinar itself forever evolving. Since you only pay for each webinar once, you won't have to pay for the updated "Question/Answer" segments, and will even get emails (if you wish) when they are updated!