Do you save my credit card information?

This depends on which set of billing terms you choose during registration.  By default, all SearchMaster users whose subscriptions are current or which expired BEFORE the launch of our new website in late November of 2013 are on a manual renewal system.  That means we have not retained any of your credit card information (numbers, expiration, security codes, etc.) from the last time you purchased or renewed.  SearchMaster users who purchase or renew AFTER the launch of our new website will be given the choice as to whether they want to manually renew their subscriptions or have their card charged automatically every year.

One of the new features we have added to our new website is the ability to choose automatic renewals instead of manual ones.  These options are clearly identified during the registration process, and you can change you mind at any point in time.  Just be sure that, if you choose automatic renewals, you keep your card information current on our website. 

If you do decide to use our automated renewal systems, your credit card information will be stored on our web servers, using the highest possible 256-bit SSL encryption technology; so rest assured that, when you conduct a financial transaction on this website, all of your billing information is secured against unauthorized access.