Missing Program or Registration Windows

If you have ever used multiple monitors and then switched to just a single monitor (or accidentally moved a program/window off the screen) you may have noticed that any of those programs or windows you had moved to the missing screens no longer appear when you open them. This is because Windows tends to remember where you move a program or screen to - even if that screen no longer exists. This can make using a program impossible if you lose your second monitor for any reason. Since SearchMaster itself as well as the registration windows COULD get caught up into this scenario, here are a few quick instructions on how to move a program or window back to your main screen - or at least where you can see it!

  • After the program in question is open (or in this case, after you press CTRL+F8 to call the registration Window)
  • Press the ALT + SPACE BAR keys on the keyboard
    • This opens the program options menu, even if it is hidden
  • Tap the letter R
    • This brings the program out of full screen/maximized view (if it happens to be running that way, otherwise it does nothing and is ignored/closes the menu)
  • Press ALT + SPACE BAR on the keyboard again
    • Again, this opens the program options menu, even if it is hidden
  • Tap the letter M
    • This selects the MOVE menu option/command
  • Press any of the arrow keys on the keyboard once or twice (doesn’t matter which direction)
    • This begins to move the window and locks it to the mouse until ESC is pressed of the mouse is clicked
  • Now move your mouse around, typically a great distance to the left OR twice that distance to the right
    • This allows you to rapidly move the window around until you can finally see it. Optionally you could just hold in the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Once you see the window and have it where you want it, just click the mouse once or press ESC on the keyboard
    • This releases and escapes from the “move” command and allows normal operation of the program itself