Setup SearchMaster to Renew Automatically

Setting yourself up for automatic renewal is quite easy – all you need to do is visit our website and choose the automatic renewal options at the appropriate stage.

You can use the link below to renew, or from any page on our website by:

  • Place your mouse over the ORDER/RENEW menu
  • From the list that drops down left click on RENEW (CURRENT MEMBER)
  • Once you reach that page, the first choice you are asked to make is your Subscription Type
    • You can renew for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time and also choose if you want to renew manually each year or automatically
    • The italicized text under the subscription type printed in red tells you if it is a manual or automatic renewal
    • Just click the subscription type and length you want, then follow the renewal forms from there.
  • Once you complete the checkout process, your credit card will be charged for your initial purchase, and then again the following year(s) according to the schedule or options you selected

You may still receive expiration notices, which you can simply disregard if you have an automatic renewal setup with us. You will still need to get a new code for your software when your membership renews each term (just as you always have) but that will be changing in the near future when our website and software begin "talking" with one another.

If you have any trouble with this, we would be happy to handle it for you over the phone.  We will just need your credit card information in order to setup the renewal system when we speak, and as a practice we don’t like having credit card information sent by email, even though our email is secured.  Just let us know a time that works for you and we can go from there!