What is an eSeminar?

An eSeminar (also referred to as a webinar) is an online, electronic seminar that typically takes the place of a traditional brick and mortar seminar event. SearchMaster's eSeminars offer our clients the ability to learn about our software on their own schedule and environment while also earning CEUs, which can be credited to their NCRA or State Association's profiles and accounts. eSeminars work much like recorded television content on your home DVR cable box, allowing you to watch and learn at your leisure, including the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind the content. Once you have purchase (registered) for one of our eSeminars you then have unlimited access to that event with no limit on how many times you can watch it or how long you have to view it at all. We have found that eSeminars are an incredibly effective educational tool that allows you to consume content at your own pace, as opposed to traditional classroom environments that may leave some attendees behind.